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EPIQ will help you to migrate to the AWS data analytics platform and save your money, time, and frustration. We will do this by modernizing your AWS business intelligence and updating your legacy data warehouses. During migration to AWS data analytics, you get a robust ecosystem that ensures success. Cloud data analytics can be complicated, which is why you need to make sure that you are working with the right cloud provider.

data analytics with AWS

Benefits of AWS data analytics 

Amazon has always been known for enabling rapid scalability, robust ability to process amazon big data, and its security infrastructure. AWS data analytics has its benefits.

  • Flexible – It helps your organization to become more agile.
  • Save money – You get pay-as-you-go pricing and thus minimize the significant investments in hardware.
  • Scalability – It has quick provisioning and on-demand scaling. You can easily resize your environment on AWS in minutes as your requirements change.
  • Integration – AWS integrates with business intelligence platforms such as AWS BI, which can be used to develop interactive, simple, & shareable visual analytics.
  • Database – Amazon big data is efficiently and quickly loaded with traditional DBMS transformed into powerful cloud Data Analytics warehouse.

AWS Analytics services

Using the right tools and AWS Analytics services, we help customers to transform data into value

Below mentioned are the tools we have used for providing Data warehousing, Interactive analytics and Big Data solutions to our customers

  • — Amazon Athena
  • — Amazon EMR
  • — Amazon RedShift
  • — Amazon Kenesis
  • — Amazon OpenSearch
  • — Amazon Quick Sight
  • — AWS Glue Data brew

Real-time data movement

Gain insights from big data as a service AWS

AWS provides a platform for analysing real-time  data movement. Its cost-effective, secure, and high-performance services will help you to store, collect and analyze Real-time data movement workloads. With EPIQ’s AWS analytics services, you will get access to the tools that will help you use your data to increase operational efficiency, drive new insights, and improve your customer experience.

  • Secure and trusted — AWS big data processes are designed with security in their approach and it is continuously audited.
  • Availability — You can easily transfer your data and no hardware deployment is required.
  • Capabilities — It has broad and deep capabilities that can support any size of workload.

Harness the power of BI with AWS QuickSight

Drive the value through data with AWS QuickSight

Business Intelligence becomes more of a game-changer when we add automation, artificial intelligence to make the available data and optimize them in real-time. AWS QuickSight has proved to be the best platform for  with low-cost storage solutions.


Every business has well-organized documented data streams, but for that data to be useful, you need a team of AWS BI experts who can analyze and visualize into readable documents. We at EPIQ will make AWS business intelligence more accessible and profitable. Our team will help you design and develop systems to help you leverage the power of the data.

How EPIQ can help you with Data Analytics & BI?

We help our customers to transform data into value

EPIQ offers a plethora of AWS data services to businesses. We add intelligence to your business using AWS BI. EPIQ is the system integrator partner to finish the DB freedom program with AWS. 


With decades of data management expertise, we help build the cloud data store for organizations. We use a holistic approach to migrate data to the AWS cloud. Our analytics expert will help you to leverage advanced analytics with Power BI. We will set up BI’s natural language processing features so that you can query your data and receive answers in real-time. We will help you to add and enhance value to your data with our expert AWS data services.


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