Are you tired of using traditional web hosting services with huge downtime? Well, usual web hosting service providers may be cheap and affordable but incessant downtime and lack of security can cost businesses heavily.

If you are actively running an online business or working as a webmaster, you must have encountered Amazon Web Services at least once. AWS is an Amazon subsidiary and is popular for powering gigantic platforms like Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, BBC, and Facebook. 

Let’s traverse through a list of difference between traditional web hosting services & Amazon web services: 


One look at the clientele of Amazon cloud services and you can be sure that it’s the best hosting provider for organizations preparing for a j-curve growth. The likes of Netflix and Facebook rely on AWS because of its unique paradigm through which it allocates bandwidth and supports scaling. 

Unlike traditional web hosting services, where scaling requests need to be made manually along with advance payment. With traditional hosting providers, webmasters often experience the performance going down when the overall traffic suddenly climbs.

Economically Sustainable

Unlike traditional cloud hosting services, AWS offer economically sustainable prices. Traditional plans come with hidden charges, where the bandwidth is limited and the space provided on the server is also restricted. With AWS, there’s no such limitation. Businesses can have access to ample space and speed. 

To ramp up the platform and adjust additional traffic, all AWS users need to do is pay a little more. The prodigal service provider also allows usage-based costing, which goes a long way in helping businesses that are planning to cut costs.

Practical Implementation

Traditional web hosting services have spread rumors about AWS being complicated and time-taking. In reality, Amazon cloud services are swift and require no additional knowledge of database management or code integration. With affordable cloud consultingyou can find the right plan for your needs and experience the easy configuration dashboard. Managing and maintaining your website becomes uncomplicated. 

Unmatchable Speed 

In contemporary times, speed is of utmost importance. With Google’s new algorithm “core web vitals” all set for roll-out, it is indispensable that marketing are reducing the loading speed of their websites.

Cloud services from Amazon guarantee a better loading speed than normal web hosting services because of highly optimized servers, immaculate placement of content delivery networks, and other smart integrations.

If speed was an issue with web services from Amazon then tech-aristocrats like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitch would have never collaborated with AWS. Their partnership is long-term and already renewed for numerous years in advance, which advocates the position of AWS in the hosting business.

End Note

With the right cloud storage services, you can also equip your business with the requisite attributes like impressive speed, no-downtime, high reliability, and economically sustainability. By listing out differences between traditional web hosting services and Amazon web hosting services, we are trying to help businesses make informed decisions.

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