The mobile workers, with the help of JDE mobile apps, can now feasibly complete tasks. No matter what their preferred device be, they can quickly complete the tasks. With the help of a role-based, modern user interface and purpose-built application, all things get completed fast.

As mobile computing is accelerating at a high rate giving businesses the flexibility to implement the tasks in a short period from anywhere, it is highly recommendable to adapt JD Edwards Mobile Applications.

You get a platform fully integrated for easy customization and development of Mobile Enterprise Application matching all the requisite business needs. Also, you become successful in matching the corporate needs, and the attainment of goals becomes possible.

Numerous companies have already started investing in mobility. They are looking forward to adopting and defining a mobile strategy for a fully integrated enterprise. The optimization of the functionality of the mobile applications staying in the enterprise remains secured. JDE makes it easy for the customers to holistically and effectively make the management of mobile strategy hassle-free.  Mobile Application development, security, integration and analytics with the help of Oracle Mobile Platform with JDE gets easily deployed.

Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Applications:

Choosing JD Edwards Mobile Apps helps companies brought execution with maximum efficiency along with the other benefits:

  • A mindset prioritizing tasks
  • Quick deployment
  • Easy customization
  • A simple user interface
  • Services based on locations
  • Barcode scanning with a mobile camera

#1 A mindset prioritizing tasks

In the hectic world, every individual wants to complete all the tasks in a fraction of seconds. All the tasks are completed with JDE mobile app development, complicated functionality, and business operations. The straightforward implementation of tasks is made possible, keeping in mind the most common activities that almost everyone thinks of performing. The development of the application is done, making sure it fulfils the requirements of a manager and an employee as both would be having different needs and perspectives on the same information.

#2 Quick deployment

The customer expectations are growing at a rapid pace. To meet the needs quickly, a quick deployment model is necessary. JD Edwards applications available in the Google Play and Apple’s app store allows customers to evaluate applications. JDE on the cloud also offers simplicity to the IT staff, which is much needed for any mobile application development. Also, the business logic gets reused with the help of the AIS server, ensuring that the transaction processing and data access remains constant throughout the user journey in the mobile applications.

#3 Easy customization

All the JD Edwards mobile applications are developed with the help of Oracle Mobile Application Framework technologies and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework. The out-of-the-box EnterpriseOne mobile enterprise application for both Android and iOS gets developed. These two technologies in combination help developers with a mobile development platform that gets integrated easily with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne core tools, back-end applications and infrastructure.

#4 A simple user interface

With informational graphical data summaries such as bar graphs and pie charts, a list of details, filters refining for better search results, logically grouped information displaying at the top and bottom, and springboard for simple and easy logout system gives you access to complete app information.

#5 Services based on locations

With JD Edwards, you get a chance to use location within a search as a filter criterion. Further, it gives users a chance to look for customers that too within user-defined proximity.

#6 Barcode scanning with a mobile camera

With the usage of mobile applications developed with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne making the scanning easy which further helps in maintaining data integrity and business efficiency.  For scanning barcodes, one needs a native camera on the device and a scanning device enabled with Bluetooth.

IT has made the expectations high with a modern and straightforward user experienced enterprise application that can be used in the workplace. All the information is easily accessed with the help of various standard features like a camera, maps and contacts. Hence, to make any process easy, mobility is in continuation, and to give users the ability to make their mobile samples is also a part of JD Edwards’ plan.