9 Benefits of Using Managed Services on AWS

9 Benefits of Using Managed Services on AWS

Businesses often ignore the repercussions of slow hosting and erratic cloud services. Yet, these innocuous challenges reflect in annual reports, where NPS declines, customer experience takes a dip, and churn rate is at the highest. A cloud service provider should be robust, effective, and agile and offer speed, everything else is negotiable.

AWS managed services have emerged as everyone’s favorite cloud service provider. Year after year, Amazon has equipped businesses with cloud capabilities that surpass all pre-defined standards and rewrites the status quo.

If you are running a business that relies heavily on cloud services, you must consider moving to AWS managed services. We will give you nine vivid reasons to move to AWS managed services today: 

#Cost-Effective Solutions

Unlike an in-house team, where organizations pay a monthly fixed salary, with managed services, businesses only pay for services or products that they use. Deployed and managed by professional IT experts, managed services are well-equipped to handle your increased traffic or storage requirements.

With a dedicated account, organizations can save heavily when it’s off-season. In addition, the cost-effective solution helps businesses manage their finance better while offering access to the best cloud services and products. 

#Minimize Downtime & Improved Reliability

A Gartner study suggests $56,000 per minute is the average cost of downtime. For e-commerce players, rest and slow sites can lead to a loss of $1 million annually. Numerous businesses cannot afford to have high downtime. 

AWS Consulting partners understand the underlying implications of enormous downtime; hence they run away from recommending cloud services cheap but have enormous downtimes. While quality services may cost a little in advance, they help businesses save millions of dollars year after year. 

#Easier Scalability

For e-commerce players, upselling and cross-selling opportunities are of the utmost importance. Similarly, all SaaS-based businesses want to collaborate with cloud partners that offer agility & scalability.

Agility allows businesses to increase and decrease their consumption depending upon the demand from end-users. In addition, companies can increase their storage quota during the sale season and release unused storage once the season is over.

Similarly, scalability is perhaps the most challenging thing for start-ups. AWS consulting partners can identify the right processes and scale them effectively with AWS cloud services. Organizations with seed funding can also rely on these affordable services to scale their bootstrapped businesses.

#Simplified Procurement 

Imagine building an in-house team for all server and storage-related requests. The stakeholders will have to go talent hunting and looking for all kinds of hardware and software packages.

With adequate AWS Cloud Consulting, organizations can access all they need from hosting, storage support, SSL certificates, PCI support, and customized configurations with just one click. As a service provider, AWS takes pride in simplifying the experience for end-users, and it easily surpasses all existing contemporaries.

#Incomparable Security

No matter how hard your in-house team works to keep your servers safe, they cannot outsmart international hackers. Global hackers are equipped with knowledge and tools that are not readily available in the public domain, making them unbeatable.

AWS cloud consulting helps businesses work in a safe environment by taking care of all the security requirements. At AWS, engineers are constantly running vulnerability assessments to identify existing loopholes and rendering them obsolete. Similarly, they are also equally invested in innovating new solutions to tackle attacks and data breaches.

#Smooth API Integrations

In the API economy, where businesses no more sign NDAs, they start with API integration; AWS is a clear winner because of the smooth integration experience. As a business owner, you are not required to invest in engineers for integration. Instead, just get in touch with the AWS Consulting Partner, and they will get it done for you almost instantly. 

Smooth API integration prepares businesses to tackle upcoming challenges with confidence. Once the integration is sorted, one can aim for scaling businesses and partnering with more companies. 

#Unmatched Agility

Didn’t like a plan? Want to get your configurations revised? Or change your SSL Level? Well, all this is now possible with just one click. AWS managed services equip businesses with incomparable agility.  

With AWS, businesses of all sizes can readily request upgrades and downgrades, allowing them to manage their available resources better. Such agility enables firms to focus more on core processes and achieve incomparable skills throughout all business processes.

#No Commitment 

If you are willing to host webinars or pivot your business to a new industry and want to access servers or cloud benefits only for a limited time, you can rely on AWS. The service provider offers all benefits without binding you with commitment for years.

Your request can last a month or two only, and AWS will power your site. It will allow you to access all kinds of supports, tools, technologies, and methodologies without charging you exuberantly or binding you for more prolonged periods.

#Excellent Operational Efficiency

AWS consulting partners help you identify the correct configuration for your business, which ensures excellent operational efficiency. With affordable AWS products and services, companies can scale, run and manage all their existing products without any worries.

Excellent operational efficiency is the USP of AWS products, and it is not going anywhere. With the commitment of Amazon, the organization is offering exceptional services to all seekers.

Final Thoughts 

AWS cloud is a dominating service because it has overcome all the innocuous challenges of running an effective online business. AWS continues to be everyone’s favorite cloud service provider with proven expertise and an exceptional track record.  As a business, you can rely on AWS-managed services to get your business up and running without putting a hole in your pocket. It’s easy on the budget, offers exceptional benefits, and guarantees quality service round the clock.

Top 10 Amazon Web Services To Select in 2021

Top 10 Amazon Web Services To Select in 2021

Are you afraid of the number of hours that you have to put in for IT infrastructure planning like servers? If your answer is a Yes, then you need to consider some serious infrastructure overhauling for your business. Cloud computing platforms are here to stay and one of the key players in the market that promises a complete revamp for your business infrastructure is Amazon Web Services.

Why Choose AWS?

AWS services have redefined the cloud markets providing need-based solutions offering software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform as an application for business infrastructure, automation testing, data migration pipelines. 

Important features of Amazon Web Services are as follows:

· It offers a secure platform with multiple layers of infrastructural safety.

· It can be availed as required and hence the cost also follows the pay-as-per-your-need model substantially reducing your hardware costs.

· It is dynamic and flexible which makes on-premises to cloud migration transition hassle-free. 

· It gives your business scalability by adapting to increased data load and allocating the resources as per the demand.

· Enterprise services such as AWS Managed Services (AMS) provide seamless management of the entire AWS solution. 

Why is AWS Services 2021 Unique and Favorable Choice to Make?

· Since its launch, the cost of availing Amazon Web Services has considerably decreased. 

· Top AWS services have been utilized exponentially with a wide range of clients such as Netflix, NASA, Airbnb, and Reddit that testifies the efficiency of the service.  · Amazon Web Services have shown a staggering growth introducing close to 60 new features in a single year that is approximately a 40% increase. 

What are the Top 10 Amazon Web Services 2021 for your business?

  1. Amazon EC2: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud provides reliable cloud capability including enhanced scalability. There is no huge hardware expense, applications can function on the public cloud and start the servers on the cloud whenever required. It delivers the business complete power of sources.
  2. Amazon S3: Amazon Simple Storage Service is popular among large businesses for its volumes of data. Amazon S3 provides an exceptional data security system and enables easy access to the data along with ease of backup and transferability. This intuitive Amazon web service optimizes data organization and accessibility. 
  3. Amazon SNS:  Amazon Simple Notification System is an efficient messaging solution by AWS resources that can manage huge volumes of message deliveries from the cloud, designed for mobile operators. Amazon SNS has an Auto Scaling feature that triggers a notification when there is a growth in EC2 instance.  
  4. Amazon RDS: Amazon Relational Database Service provides efficient database configuration and management solutions with multiple database engine support. It provides a cost-effective approach to various tasks such as data backups and hardware requirements.  
  5. Amazon Lambda: It enables code execution without the need for servers where the users pay only for the computation time, making it a low-cost service. It provides the code with the necessary resources for successful execution and results. It supports code written in Node JS, Python, Java, Go, and C# platforms.  
  6. Amazon Cloud Front: It is a developer-friendly solution for managing, sharing, and delivering content at a high speed. It includes the distribution of dynamic and static objects such as .css, .html, image, and video files with zero delays on a secure channel.   
  7. Amazon Detective: It is a game-changer and one of the trending Amazon Web Services that use simple machine learning to detect illegal transactions, and latent security risks. The machine learning code uses statistics and graph theory to investigate frauds in the data. 
  8. AWS Glacier: AWS Glacier is a subset of Amazon S3 that enables data caching with continuous and seamless backup.  
  9. Amazon Kinesis: It is one of the best Amazon Web Services solutions that provide efficient solutions for huge amounts of data in real-time. Data from feeds and activity logs of social media are processed and distributed to the consumers simultaneously.  
  10. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: It is a virtual environment set up on a remote unit of AWS Cloud that provides total control of the environment.   

It is time for you to choose the required Amazon Web Service in 2021 wisely and witness exponential business growth.

We love to talk about AWS, feel free to let us know if you want connect with our AWS Solution Architects and DevOps Consultants.