Top 10 Amazon Web Services To Select in 2021

Top 10 Amazon Web Services To Select in 2021

Are you afraid of the number of hours that you have to put in for IT infrastructure planning like servers? If your answer is a Yes, then you need to consider some serious infrastructure overhauling for your business. Cloud computing platforms are here to stay and one of the key players in the market that promises a complete revamp for your business infrastructure is Amazon Web Services.

Why Choose AWS?

AWS services have redefined the cloud markets providing need-based solutions offering software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform as an application for business infrastructure, automation testing, data migration pipelines. 

Important features of Amazon Web Services are as follows:

· It offers a secure platform with multiple layers of infrastructural safety.

· It can be availed as required and hence the cost also follows the pay-as-per-your-need model substantially reducing your hardware costs.

· It is dynamic and flexible which makes on-premises to cloud migration transition hassle-free. 

· It gives your business scalability by adapting to increased data load and allocating the resources as per the demand.

· Enterprise services such as AWS Managed Services (AMS) provide seamless management of the entire AWS solution. 

Why is AWS Services 2021 Unique and Favorable Choice to Make?

· Since its launch, the cost of availing Amazon Web Services has considerably decreased. 

· Top AWS services have been utilized exponentially with a wide range of clients such as Netflix, NASA, Airbnb, and Reddit that testifies the efficiency of the service.  · Amazon Web Services have shown a staggering growth introducing close to 60 new features in a single year that is approximately a 40% increase. 

What are the Top 10 Amazon Web Services 2021 for your business?

  1. Amazon EC2: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud provides reliable cloud capability including enhanced scalability. There is no huge hardware expense, applications can function on the public cloud and start the servers on the cloud whenever required. It delivers the business complete power of sources.
  2. Amazon S3: Amazon Simple Storage Service is popular among large businesses for its volumes of data. Amazon S3 provides an exceptional data security system and enables easy access to the data along with ease of backup and transferability. This intuitive Amazon web service optimizes data organization and accessibility. 
  3. Amazon SNS:  Amazon Simple Notification System is an efficient messaging solution by AWS resources that can manage huge volumes of message deliveries from the cloud, designed for mobile operators. Amazon SNS has an Auto Scaling feature that triggers a notification when there is a growth in EC2 instance.  
  4. Amazon RDS: Amazon Relational Database Service provides efficient database configuration and management solutions with multiple database engine support. It provides a cost-effective approach to various tasks such as data backups and hardware requirements.  
  5. Amazon Lambda: It enables code execution without the need for servers where the users pay only for the computation time, making it a low-cost service. It provides the code with the necessary resources for successful execution and results. It supports code written in Node JS, Python, Java, Go, and C# platforms.  
  6. Amazon Cloud Front: It is a developer-friendly solution for managing, sharing, and delivering content at a high speed. It includes the distribution of dynamic and static objects such as .css, .html, image, and video files with zero delays on a secure channel.   
  7. Amazon Detective: It is a game-changer and one of the trending Amazon Web Services that use simple machine learning to detect illegal transactions, and latent security risks. The machine learning code uses statistics and graph theory to investigate frauds in the data. 
  8. AWS Glacier: AWS Glacier is a subset of Amazon S3 that enables data caching with continuous and seamless backup.  
  9. Amazon Kinesis: It is one of the best Amazon Web Services solutions that provide efficient solutions for huge amounts of data in real-time. Data from feeds and activity logs of social media are processed and distributed to the consumers simultaneously.  
  10. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud: It is a virtual environment set up on a remote unit of AWS Cloud that provides total control of the environment.   

It is time for you to choose the required Amazon Web Service in 2021 wisely and witness exponential business growth.

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